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WoodRiver Ulu Knife Kit

 WoodRiver® Ulu Knife Kit



The Alaskan ULU knife was first crafted by Native Alaskan residents over 5,000 years ago and was primarily used by Eskimo women for skinning and cleaning fish. Today people everywhere have discovered the versatility of this knife for slicing meats, dicing vegetables and a lot more.

The knife’s rocking motion makes it extremely easy to use. Since the centre of force is concentrated over the middle of the blade, it creates twice the downward force compared to conventional cutlery.

Cleaning is a breeze; simply wash your WoodRiver® ULU by hand with soapy water in a downward motion from the handle, to avoid the sharp cutting edge, rinse thoroughly and towel dry.


Versatile and easy to use.  Constructed from 440C Stainless Steel; polished to a mirror finish.  Excellent for slicing, chopping, and dicing.  Centre of force is concentrated over the middle of the blade.

 Caution !!  The blade is supplied exceptionally sharp, extreme care must be used when attaching the handle timber  (not supplied),  we strongly recomend covering the cutting edge with multiple layers of masking tape commencing work on this project.   

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