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Wixey Remote Planer Readout

Wixey Remote Digital Planer Readout

Ideal for large planers and drum sanders

Measures Up to 12" - The Wixey Remote Planer Readout is a kit that can be adapted to a number of woodworking machines, including planers, sanders, and combination machines.

The easy to install kit includes all mounting hardware, drill bits, and thread forming screws.

This model is so flexible and versatile that with a little creativity it can be adapted to almost any machine.


The large easy to read display reads in inches with fractions or millimetres. The fractions are displayed using “Precise Fraction Technology” which gives you 4 times the accuracy of other fraction readouts.

The decimal inches are displayed in .005” increments and the millimetres in .1mm or 1/10th mm increments.

Using economical AAA batteries which can have life of up to a year this unit represents the new generation of Wixey Digital Readouts.

Calibration is simple, just set it once and it will stay calibrated. Planers and drum sanders can be adjusted to give a final thickness, or to cut or sand a specific amount off the workpiece.

Wixey WR525 Specifications

Measuring Length: 12 in. (305mm )
Decimal = .005 in.
Fraction = 1/32 in.
Metric = .1 mm
Decimal = +/- .002 in.
Fraction = +/- 1/500 in.
Metric = +/- .05 mm
Battery: AAA x 2 (not included)

- IN /MM

- Auto shut off

Maintains calibration when off.








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