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Ultra-Shear - Pen Turning Tool Round


Overall length Supplied Carbide Insert Optional Carbide Inserts Uses              
318mm Ultra-Shear .46 Round Insert #20127


Internal coves, hollowing



Ultra-Shear pen tools feature round sides that allow you to locate the optimum shear angle for whatever material you’re turning. There’s a large flat surface milled on the bottom for solid support of your initial roughing and shaping cuts.

The three Ultra-Shear pen tools include square, round and diamond-point insert profiles. The square tool is the workhorse for most pen projects. The diamond-point detail tool inscribes fine detail lines for accents. The round tool creates inside curves (coves) on specialty designs. Their small size and razor-sharp inserts make these tools ideal for other detailed work in addition to pen turning, such as finials and miniatures.

Projects many think impossible with carbide tools can now be tackled with Ultra-Shear.

A truly sharp cutting edge needs rock solid support to give you the best results. Ultra-Shear tools feature the same ChroMoly alloy steel used in NASCAR roll cages and crankshafts. CNC machines create the unique profile, then the shafts go through a two-step hardening process that makes the shaft rigid and creates an ultra-smooth surface finish that glides easily across your tool rest and resists corrosion. Tool measures 318mm overall length.

Purchase replacement nano-grain carbide inserts separately. #20125 .44 Square, #20126 2" .44 Square Radius


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