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Ultra-Shear .44 Square - 2" Radius Insert

Ultra-Shear .44 Square - 2" Radius Carbide Insert


The Woodpeckers® development team started the Ultra-Shear project with a commitment to produce the best carbide inserts for woodturning.

They interviewed dozens of carbide manufacturers, seeking out a partner that recognized the unique requirements of turning tools. Any carbide blend can create a long-lasting edge, but for advanced performance at the lathe, you need a truly keen edge.


That requires a carbide that doesn’t just last, but also is fine-grained enough not to crumble when formed to a really sharp angle. Months of testing and trials produced Woodpeckers’ unique nano-grain carbide matrix, polished to a mirror-finish on the cutting surface and precision ground on the bevel, which makes Ultra-Shears the sharpest, longest lasting inserts on the market.


This insert fits on Full Size and Mid Size Square Tools.




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