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SuperHone Aligner Kit


DMT SuperHone Aligner Kit

Diamond, the hardest material known, is the most efficient abrasive for quickly sharpening and honing all edge tools. DMT's whetstones' unique construction features a perforated steel plate molded onto a milled flat plastic base. Precision sized micron diamonds are embedded into an electroplated nickel matrix on the perforated steel plate.

One of the biggest mistakes made in sharpening is not getting the bevel angle uniform and accurrate, the SuperHone ensures consistency of angle and a choice of angles to suit the smallest parer to the heaviest cleaver

The unique pattern of recessed plastic islands in a sea of elevated diamonds speeds sharpening by clearing away the spent metal particles. DMT diamond whetstones will never hollow or groove making it easy to maintain a constant angle during sharpening. The DMT SuperHone Kit easily and accurately sharpen all double bevel knives (including ceramic knife blades) up to 300mm (12") in length. Included with the sharpening jig are a 19mm (3/4") x 110mm (4-3/8") #600 diamond hone, a 19mm (3/4") x 110mm (4-3/8") #1200 diamond hone and a fabric pouch to hold up to four diamond hones. (knife shown not included)



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