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Scraper Plane Blades are sometimes hard to find and even then the quality may leave a lot to be desired.  Hock Tools have most of the popular Scraper plane types covered.

Made for the Stanley #12 & #112 Scraper Planes, these blades are 3/32" thick by 2-7/8" wide and 5" long with a 45° bevel on the cutting edge. Hardened for a balance of long edge life and burr "rollability" (you do have one of the Hock burnishers, don't you?) You finally have a source of blades for the classic #12 and #112 Scraper Planes and for the #80 (1/16" X 2-3/4" X 3" long) and the #81 (1/16" X 2-1/2" x 3-7/8" long) Scraper Planes, too! High carbon steel.

Hock burnishers are hardened (Rc64) and polished tool-steel rods that stand up well to constant use on scraper edges. Most others are not hard enough for this demanding application. High carbon steel.


Scraper Plane Blade to suit Stanley #80 -

was $47.73 now $46.82 ($36.80 USD ?)

Scraper Plane Blade to suit Stanley #112 -

was $57.73 now $55.00 ($43.23 USD ?)

Hock Burnisher -

was $27.27 now $25.00 ($19.65 USD ?)

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