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Router Raizer Kit RZ-200

Router RaiZer RZ200 by Router Technologies

The Router Raizer used for Axminster, Bosch and Fein, as many routers share the same design but different names, check your router against the list below

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Kit Req'd
Axminster AW127R RZ 200 Kit
Bosch 1617, 1618, 1619EVS RZ 200 Kit
Casals Yes Call
CMT Yes Call
Craftsman 27505, 27506, 27510, 27511 RZ 100 Kit
DeWalt DW625,  DW615, DW620, DW621, RZ 100 Kit
ELU ELU96, ELU96E,  ELU 97,ELU177, ELU 3337, ELU3338, ELU3339 RZ 100 Kit
Fein RT1800 RZ 200 Kit
Freud FT2000, FT200E RZ 100 Kit
Hitachi TR12, M12V RZ 100 Kit
Makita 3612B, 3612BR, 3612C RZ 100 Kit
Metabo Yes Call
Porter Cable 7529, 7538, 7539, 693, 6931 RZ 100 Kit
Ryobi RE600, RE500 RZ 100 Kit


Important Note:  The Router Raizer relies on the routers' plunge mechanism, which must be free moving throughout its complete range of travel before attempting to install a Router Raizer


The Router RaiZer (US Patent #6318936 with foreign patents pending) is perhaps the most versatile plunge router height adjustment system available. For use in home, cabinet and fabrication workshops by all levels of woodworker - novice to professional. allows height adjustments from the top of router when used in free hand mode; and through the base when the router is mounted in the router table, whilst maintaining all plunging and turret depth stop capabilities. Adjusts easily with the simple (supplied) speed wrench in both handheld and table mounted modes.

The result of fitting a Router RaiZer is that not only will you have the most versatile plunge router height adjustment system available, but having installed it yourself you will better understand the workings of your router, it's operation and construction.

There are 3 kits available; they include very detailed instructions and hole location templates for the individual model of router, one developed especially for Triton TRA001 and the two other kits, the RZ100 & RZ200, support all of the models of routers listed above.

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