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ProRouter Switch (standard)


ProRouter Switch (Std) by PWS

Safety in the workshop is of paramount importance, particularly when it comes to table mounted routers, where more often than not the tools, switch is locked in the 'on' position, thus making inadvertent starting a real possibility. The ProRouter Switch is a No Volt Release switch that always resets to the 'off' position whenever the power supply is interrupted, for example when the lead is unplugged, or in a blackout.

Featuring a large easy to use Buttons and fully wired plug and socket connectors complete with a 1.5 metre extension lead, the ProRouter Switch, can easily be installed on any convenient flat surface using the supplied aluminium brackets. The router socket feeds through a 45 - 50mm diameter hole, ensuring that there is no need to touch the electrical connections. These type of switches are mandatory in many countries and are a must for your router or any other machine (up to 2400watt).

We have these made in Australia from quality, components and to Australian standards the ProRouter Switch should be part of your router table safety regime.

Also available as deluxe model with illuminated push buttons.


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