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Professional Dovetail Saw Rob Cosman

Professional Dovetail Saw by Rob Cosman

Rob not only builds each saw but also tests them so you can start cutting dovetails “out of the box”!



Unique features;


  • Split lines with the Super Fine 22tpi starting tip, then finish the cut with just a few strokes of the aggessive 15 tpi blade

  • The Extra weight of this saw provides better balance, smoother cuts and helps you feel “perpendicular”

  • Balanced and durable “ebony resin” composite handle featuring memory enhancing carved finger recesses. 

  • Our Very slight .002” (per side) set makes for dead straight saw cuts and smooth ready to glue surfaces right from the saw.

  • Our “Craftsman made” saws and cases have that precise fit and finish you will appreciate

  • Peened and flushed copper pins help secure the blade to the brass back.

  • A pair of Brass split nuts secure the handle to the blade and also to the brass back.

  • In “old world” style, the saw comes packed in a sturdy pine crate made in their shop.








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