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Professional Crosscut Joinery Saw Rob Cosman


 Professional Crosscut Joinery Saw by Rob Cosman 

 “Teaching folks to make joints from the first cutting tool, the saw, is what I consider to be an essential part of good craftsmanship. To that end I have been designing and building shop saws that help make that task possible.”


Unique features of Rob’s crosscut saw include;

  • With only .002 set per side this 15 tpi saw will slice through wood and leave a ready-to-join surface,right from the saw.

  • They saw, shape, sand and buff to a satin finish, the “ebony resin” composite handle with carved finger recesses for extra comfort and control.

  • The extra weight of this saw provides perfect balance and all the downward pressure needed to make fast and accurate crosscuts.
  • The teeth are extremely sharp and exert very little cutting pressure on the wood, the smooth and clean kerf is the evidence.

  • One bolt and split nut secures the handle to the blade while the other bolt and split nut secures the handle to the brass back and pierces the blade as well.

  • They use four copper pins that are peened and flushed to decoratively secure the blade to the brass back.

  • Their “Craftsman made” saws and cases have that precise fit and finish you will appreciate.

  • Rob not only makes the saws he also tests each one before it is boxed and shipped to you!

  • In “old world” style, the saw comes packed in a sturdy pine crate made in their shop


This is the ideal companion for Rob’s dovetail saw!





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