The Mortise Pal is simplicity itself, no unwieldy levers, easy set-up and of course FAST, using your Plunge Router you can achieve crisp clean mortises quickly and efficiently   in even the toughest Aussie hardwoods imagine trying to do this with a drill based system???   Don't just believe us see what the experts say......
Mortise Pal is a versatile new mortising jig that is fast, easy to use, and dead-on accurate. Mortise Pal is simple in it's design and intuitive in it's use giving the novice as well as the experienced woodworker the ability to create perfect joinery. Use Mortise Pal on all of your frame-type furniture projects including face frames, door frames, frame and panel assemblies, chair frames, and leg/apron assemblies. Mortise Pal is the perfect choice for loose tenon joinery.
  • Precision CNC Manufacturing
  • Top Notch Customer Support
  • Mortise Pal comes with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year warranty. If you're not happy with the jig you can return it and if in the unlikely event it breaks we'll fix it.
"...a beautifully made and astonishingly simple to use mortising jig."
Michael Dresdner
Woodworkers Journal

"Every now and then I come across a piece of equipment that really works. This jig is precision made to the highest standards and is really easy to use, turning out perfect joints every time."
Ralph Laughton
The Woodworker, October 2008. UK

"Bottom line: the Mortise Pal is a well-machined tool that works."
Glen D. Huey
Popular Woodworking






If you can draw a centreline for your mortise, you can create great things with your  plunge router and of course Mortise Pal

Mortise Pal is the most economical, yet precise mortising jig around, with the added advantage of being able to utilise our loose tenon stock or your own shop made tenons. 

The Mortise Pal can handle any mortises from 1/4" (6.35mm) through to 1/2" (12.7mm) all with the one jig and your own bench mounted vice or clamping system

.Components up to 76mm width are easily accommodated.



This video will introduce you to the the jig and its features as well as show you just how fast, accurate and easy it is to use.
Windows Media Player 9 is required to view this clip. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft web site.



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