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Mitre Channel 800mm

Mitre Channel by Incra

This extruded, anodized aluminium T-Mitre Channel makes an excellent embedded channel for your router table or workbench. Available in 810mm & 1220mm nominal lengths to suit most standard router tables.  You can also create your own custom length by simply cross cutting with a sharp, carbide tipped saw blade in a mitre saw.

The best way to install T-Mitre Channel is to simply rout a groove 28.6mm wide and 13.5mm deep. Then simply lay down a thin bead of liquid nails adhesive and press into place. Can be glued into virtually any material. Inside dimensions ¾(19mm) x 3/8 (10mm) and is compatible with most standard Mitre gauge bars.


Feather boards, perhaps the most necessary router accessory are easily positioned with an Incra Mitre Slider and Mitre Channel.



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