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Mighty Mini-Scraper

Woodpeckers Mighty Mini-Scraper

Scrapers don’t generally get a lot of attention, but they’re the unsung heroes for old finish and glue removal. Like most woodworkers, we have lots of them – chisels, old plane blades, pocketknives or basically anything steel with an edge. So, when we saw this Woodpeckers® Mini-Scraper, we didn’t get excited – until we started using it. Now we’re hooked!



The red molded plastic handle makes the Mini-Scraper easy to find when you lay it down, the shape is comfortable to hold, and the carbide blade is thick, sharp and chatter-free. This scraper has four cutting edges, so a fresh edge can be rotated into position whenever the facing edge becomes dull.


This Woodpeckers Mini-Scraper makes removing runny, drippy, excess wet or dry glue and cleaning up small areas of old finish a true pleasure. How we got along before is a mystery. The Mini-Scraper is 137mm long x 10mm wide, with the carbide head 14.25mm cambered square held in place by a hex screw.


It comes with the Cambered Insert (blade) and a hex wrench. Replacement blades – cambered (#162458) and square (#162459) – are available for purchase.




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