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Incra Track System 1370mm

Incra Track System 1370mm w/- ShopSTOP

The Incra Track System was designed for maximum versatility in your woodworking shop.
Multiple T-slots and through holes provide a means for quickly and easily attaching these rigid aluminium track sections to virtually any woodworking tool.

Workshop-made wooden sub-fence, used to provide splinter-free zero clearance support or to extend fence length or height, slides directly into a T-slot along the Track's front face.

Supplied with a Incra Shop Stop, which is expandable to accommodate any fence thickness up to 1-1/2" (38mm). It's vertically adjustable to accommodate any fence height up to 3-1/2" (90mm). It's micro adjustable for 1/1000"(0.025mm) precision. And, of course, it can be instantly set (or reset) to any position with machine shop accuracy and ZERO repeatability error.

A precision sliding reference scale is included with each Track section. Tracks are available versatile 915mm lengths. Each rigid aluminium Track section also features multiple T-slots, mounting holes, and are compatible with easily available hardware for installation on just about any tool.


Easy Installation                                               

Incra Track attaches directly to just about any horizontal or vertical surface, so it will easily mount to all of your favourite tools. Mounting hardware is readily available from your local hardware store to suit your specific needs. Easy installation on almost every power tool, jig and fixture in your shop.

Solid aluminium linear tracks, feature five T-slots, multiple mounting holes, hardware and illustrated instruction manual.

Get Real Accuracy on your Mitre Saw 

Add Incra Track's incremental precision to both sides of the blade, and throw out your tape measure. This is what every Mitre Saw needs! Track sections can be butted end to end for unlimited crosscutting capacity, with each and every position at exactly 1.00mm increments. 

Accurate Repeatable Drilling a Breeze 

Work at your drill press is quicker, easier, and far more accurate with the Incra Track System. You'll find it particularly useful for holes such as counter-bores which require more than one bit and multiple synchronised drilling operations. 



Cut it right Once, Twice ....Hundreds of Times 

Add a precision incremental fence to your Radial Arm Saw. Track sections can be mounted end-to-end for unlimited crosscut capacity. Works on both sides of the blade and can be easily re-calibrated for angle, mitre and compound cuts.




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