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Incra Shop Stop

Incra ShopStop

Shown here in EXPANDED mode with a sacrificial fence and in STANDARD mode  this is a really versatile stop, suitable for any application where accuracy is a must.

This change only takes seconds. Simply loosen the two adjustment knobs on top and slide the T-Nut connectors out of the rear slot and into the front slot. Tighten snugly and you are ready for expanded usage with a 18 - 19mm sacrificial fence made from any appropriate material.


  • Expands to accommodate any fence thickness up to 98mm .

  • Vertically adjustable to accommodate any fence height up to 90mm .

  • Micro adjustable for 1/1000" (0.025mm) precision.

  • Instantly set (or reset) to any position with machine shop accuracy and ZERO repeatability error.

  • Accepts Incra METRIC saw-tooth racks.


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