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Incra Push Guard

INCRA PushGuard


A Wall of Protection for Your Hands


The new INCRA PushGuard combines an oversized push block with both an integrated Hand Guard and a removable clear debris shield, giving you triple the safety features of conventional push blocks when you’re working at router tables, jointers, and more.

The Hand Guard portion is always between your hand and the cutter, offering even greater protection for situations where a traditional guard can't be attached to the fence. As a further improvement , the removable clear deflector shield effectively blocks flying debris to help protect your eyes as well as your hands.

In addition to the safety benefits of the PushGuard, this top quality accessory will improve your work-piece control and accuracy. The rubber pad on the bottom of the push block is thick, grippy, and generously-sized at more than 178mm x 75mm (7" x 3"). The perfect grip surface for smooth or rough cut lumber.


Deflector shield provides greater chip control to prevent eye injury

For common routing routines.


Add a second PushGuard to your shop for safety and control with long stock. Double-Wall ABS hand guard provides protective barrier between hand and cutter.

We paid attention to the ergonomics. The PushGuard’s handle has a larger diameter than other push blocks, and it’s big enough to get both hands on it. The handle has been smoothed all the way around with deep ribbing on both sides for a comfortable, powerful grip. The handle is also slightly offset from vertical to better align with your shoulder and provide extra clearance between you and the cutter.





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