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 Goes METRIC !!!!

Yes!!! That's right after a little dabbling with METRIC Rules etc., and after a lot of persuasion, Incra have released FULL METRIC versions of their two flagship products, the LS 17 and the LS 32 Positioner Systems.  Now, fantastic joinery like this can be yours without having to 'do the time warp again' and cross between METRIC and Imperial dimensions.


This conversion hasn't been a simple matter of adding new scales and templates, it has necessitated the replacement of every dimensioning component; leadscrew, micro-adjust, stainless steel main scale, sawtooth racks and of course scales and templates.  Even the Master Reference Guide has been re-written and now includes 26 METRIC specific joints.  The METRIC versions feature a precision 1.00mm pitch leadscrew, 1.00mm pitch sawtooth racks and a micro adjust knob with audible 'clicks' at 1/20th mm intervals, it is also possible to set at mid points giving you 1/40th mm accuracy (1/1000th inch)

Whiteside have worked with Incra to produce a brand new 6 piece, 1/2" shank, router bit set, comprising of the same specification bits that were used to design the METRIC templates.

Existing Incra LS 17 & LS32 users will be happy to know that conversion Kits are available.

  The LS 25 range will not be available in METRIC

By way of explanation; we have maintained the Imperial sizes in these descriptions where the component size is identical with the Imperial version.  Where a components functionality has changed we have clearly identified the METRIC dimensions.



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