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Incra LS Positioner Instruction DVD

Incra LS Positioner System Instructional DVD

Getting to know and understand the Incra's LS Super System has been made a lot easier thanks to this brilliantly informative DVD.  With all of the precision and versatility of the other Incra tools, plus a host of new features and design details that set it apart from anything else.

The LS system is the ultimate in precision fence systems for serious joinery and woodworking fans.  This 82 minute DVD shows all of the features, tips and safety guidelines that will get you making fantastic joinery in no time at all.


Not only does this DVD cover the wide range of router capabilities offered by the LS Positioner it also covers the LS Table Saw systems, making sure that all Incra LS based product owners get to maximise their enjoyment and the productivity of of their Incra LS Positioner.

With the similarities between Incra systems, this great DVD will assist users of Incra fences other than the LS System

At professional Woodworkers Supplies, satisfying customer needs at a price that is affordable is one of our key goals.

To ensure that purchasers of the Incra LS systems are entirely comfortable with their purchasing decision, we offer this fantastic deal..

  1. Buy this DVD at any time before you decide on your LS System.

  2. Watch it, ask questions assure yourself that the system is what you need.

  3. When processing your order we will deduct the price of the DVD and remove the DVD from your system prior to shipping.

That has to be a very reassuring way of reseaching your LS purchase.


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