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Incra LS Positioner 25" Full METRIC Super System (incl. WonderFENCE)

Incra LS 25 WonderFENCE Super System

The LS is unquestionably the most accurate router table fence available. It’s capable of achieving accuracy usually only found on machinery costing tens of thousands of dollars. Now even novice level woodworkers can produce dovetails, box joints, mortise and tenons, housings, rebates and more that look like they were fitted in a machine shop.
The new LS achieves positioning accuracy independently verified to 0.0015” per 12” of travel and repeatability of better then 0.001”. This is only possible because of its 5/8” diameter super-high precision steel lead screw.

Stainless steel, adjustable primary scale. Plus four additional scales or joinery templates slots.

SUPER SYSTEM configured for dovetails, box joints, jointing and shaping.

New super-precise 5/8” diameter lead screw with large, easy to grip micro adjust wheel with click-through detents.

The complete A to Z guide to using the INCRA Jig Ultra or UltraLITE. Includes step-by-step instructions, detailed illustrations, and 51 multi-coloured joint-making templates.

What's in the box?
  • 25” Range Incra LS Positioner
  • Aluminium Mounting Pedestal
  • 28” PRO-2 Joinery Fence
  • Infeed & Outfeed WonderFENCE
  • High-Rise Support
  • Expandable ShopSTOP
  • 14” Extender Bar
  • 10” Right Angle Fixture
  • Stainless Steel Primary Scale
  • Auto Centering Scale
  • Master Reference Guide
  • (50) Joinery Templates
  • 82 minute Instructional DVD

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