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HD Pivot Hold Down Clamp (Incra)

Incra Pivot Hold Dowm Clamp (HD)

Safety when woodworking is of paramount importance, knowing that your workpiece is securely held when you're working with a router or cutting that critical angle at your table saw is not only reassuring but commonsense.  Too many expensive components are ruined, because of a small slip or movement when cutting.

The Incra Pivot Hold Down Clamp was specifically designed to accompany their Mitre Express Mitring Platform, and is now available separately to satisfy other hold-down and clamping needs in the workshop.


Put simply, it's a must have accessory for the serious, safety conscious woodworker and is sure to become a valuable 'helper' when cutting, drilling, sanding, shaping and assembling in your workshop.

Of course it comes with Incra's legendary innovation and quality built in.



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