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Dovetail Trainer Rob Cosman


Dovetail Trainer by Rob Cosman 

"I have been teaching hand-cut dovetails for almost 30 years, there are a couple of procedures you must get correct,

  1. Start the saw precisely and
  2. Make plumb cuts on the pin board.

Our saw takes care of No. 1 and the Dovetail Trainer will take care of No.2!

Don’t give up, this will get you past that last (or maybe first) hurdle that has held you back, perfect joints are a weekend away!"

  • DT Trainer enhances your “feel” for plumb sawing to build lasting muscle memory.
  • Made from strong “Delrin”, its light weight won’t throw off your sawing.
  • Adjusts quickly and easily for sawing “plumb”, “10 degrees left” and “10 degrees right”.

  • Fits any saw with a 1/4” thick back, holds in place with a non-marring nylon set screw.
  • Highly visible green, radiused and oil filled vial for a stable bubble.
  • Works left or right handed.

  • Parts made in Canada and the USA



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