Dovetail & Box Joints


Wikipedia's description of dovetail joints (see below) is quite accurate, however they skipped the bit about Dovetails and box joint production by hand being time consuming.  Modern woodworkers have the advantage of a wide range of great (and not so great) jigs and accessories to achieve joints that look like masterpieces, but are produced in a fraction of the time.

'Dovetails can be cut by hand or by machines, often with an electric router and using one of a range of commercially available jigs or templates. Although it is technically a straight forward process, hand-cutting dovetails requires a high degree of accuracy to ensure a snug fit and so can be difficult to master. The pins and tails must fit together with no gap between them so that the joint interlocks tightly with no movement. Thus the cutting of dovetails by hand is regarded as a mark of skill on the part of the craftsperson.'

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