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Chef's Hammered Damascus Knife Blank

Chef's Hammered Surface 67-Layer Damascus Knife Blank 7-3/4" L x 5/64" T (196mm x 1.8mm)

Make your own custom chef’s knife with this blank. A chef’s knife is a cook’s most valuable tool in the kitchen. One of the most versatile knives, it can be used for slicing, dicing, and much more.

Our ZHEN Hammered Surface Damascus Chef’s Knife Blank is forged in Japan utilising years of knowledge and skill in knife making and technology and then imported to Taiwan. The blade is made by forge welding 66 layers of steel together around a single core layer of VG – 10 stainless steel (HRC60-62), which creates a high quality blade. Each blade has its own unique pattern on its surface and an edge that remains extremely sharp over an extended period of time. The hammered surface or tsuchime finish acts like a series of hollow-ground cavities while reducing drag, allowing the food to release from the blade surface while slicing. Designed with the professional cook in mind, this knife makes a great gift for the cook in your family. Hone your blades with a steel or ceramic rod weekly to keep them sharp. We recommend sharpening your blades with a whetstone at an angle of 15°-20°. Blade length is 7-3/4", with an overall length of 12-7/8". Handle material is sold separately.

CAUTION: DO NOT chop bone or use this knife on a hard surface like a glass cutting board, tile, or granite. Hand wash your blades with gentle dish soap, rinse clean and towel dry immediately.

•Knife blade blank ONLY.
•Customize your knife blade by choosing from myriad woods to make the handle yourself
•Crafted from 66 layers of Japanese Damascus steel
•Hammered tsuchime finish acts like a series of hollow-ground cavities reducing drag
•VG – 10 steel core with a Rockwell hardness of HRC60-62
•Maintains an extremely sharp edge for a long period of time


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