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7/16" Bradpoint Bit suits Cross Dowell Drill Jig

7/16" Bradpoint Drill Bit - to suit Cross Dowell Drill Jig

Want to drill faster, cleaner holes with a longer lasting bit? Manufactured in Germany to the highest standards, this radical new bit features a patented Twinland 25 degree flute design. The Twinland design improves guidance and accuracy, and provides accelerated chip clearance. Faster chip clearance means less heat, cleaner holes, and longer bit life. Like us, you'll be amazed at how much better this bit performs when run side-by-side with traditional bradpoint bits.

  • Made of Alloy Steel

  • TwinLand Flute Design

  • Less chip burn, faster chip clearance

  • Use with soft, hard. exotic, veneered, and laminated wood


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