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3D Squares, 2 pack

3D Square (2 pack) by Jevons Tool Company

This heavy aluminium jig is machined square to within .002" along the entire 6" leg, and designed to easily clamp on to a project making it simple to square up corners. Six inch long sides give plenty of clamping room so that when square is reached, it is kept until gluing and fastening is complete. Use for squaring up carcases, bookcases, or as part of a jig on a tablesaw.


Sold as a set of two. Make great holders/braces for high auxiliary fences for cutting raised panels. Each leg has screw holes to facilitate easy jig assembly.

  Machined square to within .05mm (.002")

Use as holders/braces for high auxiliary fences, squaring up carcases, bookcasesLeg has countersunk screw holesSix inch long sidesUse for part of a jig on a table saw.  Set of 2

  Made in USA


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